It hurts, but we deserved

did much to not put anything on the blog, I have dispersed to other things. I admit that sometimes I am too lazy to put stuff here, and today I will criticize some of my city.

We were very excited to celebrate the 2020 Olympic games. And that somehow we had believed, but there are many reasons why we have been unable to do.
The first: In which head fits a city ​​that has laughed of its citizens, a town belonging to a country that has been embroiled in a lot of cases of corruption that have even international scope, in press and news from around the world.

Then there is the ridiculous we do in some things, not knowing how to speak English properly, or farmhands dialect speaking it, that even foreign people say, “that shame, that a country who belongs to Europe does not know, English “(No more to do Eurovision)
and as in a country in which people and just have to live, can boast of pay 90 million euros for a football player. What a shame.
So much to our regret, it’s up to celebrate the Olympic Games in Japan, that the tsunami has given us a worldwide lesson of humanity. So you know, the Pokémon battles will be Olympic sport.